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Piccadilly Cycles provides complete sales and service of traditional and electric assist bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. We are an authorized dealer for Jamis, Breezer and Currie Tech Electric Bikes.

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Our neighbor here in Ashland's railroad district, Christopher Briscoe, has always had a real taste for adventure. Yesterday - May 15th - he set off on yet another cross-country bike tour...

Faraday Bikes Are Here

Gus Janeway

Faraday Porteur in British Racing Green

We just got our first shipment of Faraday bikes and we are building them up as quickly and carefully as we can. They are certainly beauties! We are thrilled to be partnering with Faraday to offer these bikes through our shop, as well as fulfilling internet orders for regional customers.

At first glance the Porteur, well, begs a second glance! It is easy to spend precious test-riding time just admiring the way the sun plays on the richly painted, elegant steel frame, or remarking on the fact that the bike doesn't even look like an electric bike. Once aboard, though, this bike does everything its good looks promised, and more.

For starters it is virtually silent to ride. The Alfine 8-speed internal hub driven by the Gates carbon belt provide barely a whisper of drivetrain noise, and that compact little geared front hub motor sounds like it is switched off - until you do switch it off, at which point you realize you've been enjoying a helpful pull all along.

The bike is not about speed, though it does pull the rider around at an impressive pace. This is about civilized transport, about elegance, about a bike being more than just a tool. The Faraday Porteur is meant to be admired and ridden for the pure joy of riding a beautiful bicycle; a joy which is improved considerably by the fact that, rid of the huffing and puffing, the rider can take extra delight in the experience.

To read more about Faraday Bikes please visit or stop by Piccadilly Cycles to enjoy your own test ride.