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Piccadilly Cycles provides complete sales and service of traditional and electric assist bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. We are an authorized dealer for Jamis, Breezer and Currie Tech Electric Bikes.

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Our neighbor here in Ashland's railroad district, Christopher Briscoe, has always had a real taste for adventure. Yesterday - May 15th - he set off on yet another cross-country bike tour...

Gazelle Dutch Bikes - Home on the Coast

Gus Janeway

Ask anyone who has ridden one, and they'll tell you there's just something about a Dutch bike they love. Yes, there's the steady, confident handling, the ultra-comfortable upright (high visibility) seating position, the luxury touch points and cleverly integrated lights, splash guards, rack, lock...the list goes on. But ultimately it is the whole package, a bike that results from a nation whose culture that has had, not just a love afffair with bikes, but a long and resilient marriage.

Joan Watanabe with her Gazelle Arroyo C8 on the Northern California coast

Joan Watanabe with her Gazelle Arroyo C8 on the Northern California coast

Now that our friend Joan has one of these - a Gazelle Arroyo C8 - we hear back from her every now and then about here adventures. Here's her most recent:

"Last Sunday our bike ride destination was Trinidad…to the ocean views and a coffee shop. I have joined a group of bicyclists who ride each Sunday from Arcata City Hall towards Trinidad.  This was the first time I set my sights on the full ride.  We totaled about 40 miles round trip.   Was a great ride….very comfortable on my Gazelle Arroyo C8."

She adds, " I love that I had lots of power left on the battery after the ride….about 50% left.  Gives me the confidence to do the long rides."

Gazelle Arroyo C8

Gazelle Arroyo C8

Thank you, Joan! Keep the stories coming.