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Piccadilly Cycles provides complete sales and service of traditional and electric assist bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. We are an authorized dealer for Jamis, Breezer and Currie Tech Electric Bikes.

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New Arrival: Bosch Powertube

Gus Janeway


Once again, Bosch lives up to its reputation for bringing solidly designed, exceptionally engineered products to the electric bike market with the release of their Powertube battery pack. As we've come to expect, dependability, durability, and elegance of design define this Bosch offering, available currently on a limited selection of Haibike mountain and trekking models.

In essence, the Powertube battery pack is no different in performance than their current 500Wh downtube or rack-mounted battery, with the sole exception that it is designed to fit seamlessly inside the bike frame, usually as part of the down tube, essentially disappearing from view and allowing the bike to return, aesthetically, to a more classic look.


The PowerTube 500 has a capacity of approximately 500 watt hours, delivering up to 90 miles of range on a single charge, yet it weighs only 6.2 lbs. Even with this impressive power density it is one of the lightest batteries currently on the market. For maximum range, it is compatible with a second external Bosch battery yielding up to 1000 Wh of capacity.

Moving to an integrated battery is not just a choice made to improve the bike's looks, however. An integrated battery is enclosed by the frame, better protecting it from accidental damage. It also frees up space on the frame to attach accessories like water bottles, frame packs, or a second battery. Haibike, in fact, has developed a line of accessories specifically for this purpose.


Integrated battery packs are certainly not a new idea - EasyMotion, Faraday, Focus and others have been building bikes with "invisible" batteries for years now. What's exciting about this offering, however, is that e-bike aficionados who enjoy the sophistication, power and range of the Bosch drive system can now also enjoy the advantages of an integrated battery.