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Piccadilly Cycles provides complete sales and service of traditional and electric assist bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. We are an authorized dealer for Jamis, Breezer and Currie Tech Electric Bikes.

Bosch Powered Electric Bikes

Bosch performance systems power electric bikes using an efficient, responsive mid-drive motor which generates up to 50% more torque than typical hub motors.

Bosch Powered Electric Bikes

A new cycling experience

This is the new cycling, the new riding experience. This is ebiking: Electrical energy supports muscle power during pedaling. With the drive system developed by Bosch eBike Systems, tail winds become the norm and steep becomes flatter.

Perfect pedaling support for every situation — At the press of a button the motor provides just the right support demanded by the terrain. The three complementary components of drive unit, battery, and on-board computer form a surprisingly simple and intuitive drive system.

European style eBikes make a difference — Within a short period of time, Bosch has become the market leader for ebike drive systems, contributing greatly to the success of ebikes as an environmentally friendly and healthy type of sports equipment as well as a means of transportation.

Bosch Performance Electric Bike System

Welcome to a new era of mobility – for commuters, athletes, enthusiasts, trailblazers, and everyone for which an active life and the environment are near and dear.

Drive Unit

Bosch Performance Electric Bike Drive Unit

The Performance Drive Unit creates a noticeable but homogeneous boost that produces pronounced power for agile, sporty pedelec riding. The 3-sensor concept for power, cadence, and speed provides 1000 sensor measurements per second for optimized power and for a unique riding experience. Durable, maintenance-free and low in vibration and noise, the Performance Drive Unit also impresses with shift detection and secure chain routing for smooth shifting and less wear.


Bosch Performance Intuvia Display

With the on-board computer Intuvia, the Bosch eBike System has a versatile controller that is very easy to read even in sunlight. There is also a separate button pad on the handlebar for ease of switching between the five riding modes and reviewing information such as speed, distance, time and range.

PowerPack 400 frame battery

Bosch Performance 36V Battery

The PowerPack 400 is designed to optimize range, high performance, low weight, and comfortable handling. The battery management system insures the powerpack’s high performance over a long service life.

PowerPack 400 rack battery

Bosch Performance PowerPack400 Rack Mount

The PowerPack 400 is also available as a rear rack battery.


Bosch Performance Electric Bike Charger

Charging is not only fast but also easy. The small, lightweight and durable unit is ideal for travel and ensures extremely short charging times: The PowerPack 400 is fully recharged after no more than 3.5 hours. A 50 % charge is reached after just 1.5 hours.

Performance Range

Drive unit 20mph with powerpack 400

Ideal conditions * *

Flat terrain, approx. 9.3 mph average speed, no headwind, approx. 68° F ambient temperature, high-quality bike components, tire tread and pressure with minimal rolling resistance, experienced ebike rider (always shifts gears correctly), addi- tional weight (excluding bike weight) < 154 lbs.

Favorable conditions * *

Slightly hilly terrain, approx. 12.4 mph average speed, slight headwind, approx.

50° F to 68° F ambient temperature, medium-quality bike components, tire tread and pressure with average rolling resistance, favorable cadence, ebike rider shifts correctly most of the time, additional weight (excluding bike weight) 154 to 176 lbs.

Difficult conditions * *

Terrain with long and steep inclines, 15.5 mph, possibly strong headwind, < 50° F ambient temperature, bicycle components with relatively low efficiency, tire tread and pressure with increased rolling resistance, unfavorable gear selection/ cadence, additional weight (excluding bike weight) > 187 lbs.

* Average of uniform use of all four modes.