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525 A Street
Ashland, OR 97520

(541) 482-9500

Piccadilly Cycles provides complete sales and service of traditional and electric assist bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. We are an authorized dealer for Jamis, Breezer and Currie Tech Electric Bikes.

Owner Philosophy

Piccadilly Cycles is owned by Blaine Pickett and Gus Janeway. Both bring a lifelong passion for cycling to the project and share the belief that bikes, and e-bikes, just plain make people happier!

Our Philosophy

Owners Blaine Pickett and Gus Janeway believe that riding a bike is a joyful experience, and welcome people of all ages and fitness levels to the cycling community. We embrace electric-assist bicycles as a member of the bike family, and believe that e-bikes should be just as fun, dependable and ready-to-ride on a daily basis as any other bike.

Piccadilly Cycles takes pride in being a community resource for people looking to re-invent how they get around. Piccadilly Circus, the central transportation hub in London, became the inspiration for our name, but we've also come to love the name because it is just so fun to say - you can't say "Piccadilly" without a smile.

As much as we strive to have fun and make our customers happy, we are serious about our professional service and our carefully selected line of bikes and e-bikes. As lifelong cyclists ourselves, we recognize that a bike is far more than a list of components and features. With e-bikes, particularly, the focus is on comfort, handling, and a host of intangible performance characteristics - attributes which our reputable, established bike designers and manufacturers bring to their brands.

We're more than just a bike shop. We're a community of people who enjoy riding bikes, and every day our numbers grow.

Piccadilly Cycles Owners Blaine Pickett (left) and Gus Janeway, enjoying a fall ride.

Piccadilly Cycles Owners Blaine Pickett (left) and Gus Janeway, enjoying a fall ride.

Who We Are

Blaine Pickett brings a thorough understanding of bikes and the people who ride them, as well as considerable historical knowledge of bicycle mechanical systems to Piccadilly Cycles. He has worked in the bike industry for a dozen years now and is always ready with a creative solution to a service or repair problem. He and his wife, Courtney, live in Ashland with their two daughters, Jocelyn and Megan.

Gus Janeway is also a lifelong cyclist, and United Bicycle Institute certified mechanic. Gus comes to the partnership out of fifteen years in the wine industry, growing a number of wine brands, managing his own wine business, and consulting. He lives in Ashland with his wife, Julia, and their children, Theo and Josephine.

Blaine Pickett (left) and Gus Janeway

Blaine Pickett (left) and Gus Janeway