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The Charger4 GT High Speed Rohloff with it's fully integrated battery power and high speed Bosch motor, will reliably see you through the day – from urban streets to rugged back country. Especially with this models Range extender bringing your battery to 1000 watt hours. Well thought through components, including the suspension fork, ABS breaks, daytime running lights and the versatile carrier, ensure long-lasting riding enjoyment and outstanding safety. Charger4 GT rohloff HS Bosch Performance Line Speed, PowerTube, Rohloff E-14, belt Frame size: 53 cm Frame colour: black matt Country: USA Battery: 750 Wh + Range Extender 250 Wh Anti-lock braking system ABS: Bosch eBike ABS 2.0 Lock: Additional chain lock with bag Cockpit: Kiox 300 cockpit black matt/53 cm 750 Wh + 250 Wh/USA Bosch ABS Gen.2 (smart system)/USA
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