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525 A Street
Ashland, OR 97520

(541) 482-9500

Piccadilly Cycles provides complete sales and service of traditional and electric assist bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. We are an authorized dealer for Jamis, Breezer and Currie Tech Electric Bikes.

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Anton B.
Ashland, OR


The folks at Piccadilly Cycles are friendly and super competent. What a fantastic local resource! Blaine got my XC 29er into top shape for this Spring. He listened attentively while I explained what was going on with my bike and then made his own evaluation in real time.  We agreed on a path forward to fix what we agreed was a serious performance gap.  Blaine also noticed several things that I had not noticed. We agreed on a path forward to fix those things as well.  

The approach was hands-on, practical and collaborative. Execution was perfect and cost-effective. My bike is so much better now!   

I will continue to trust Piccadilly Cycles with my cycles - and my and my wife's safety - with absolute confidence.

Byron P.
Bellevue, WA



Rode to Ashland with the Cascade Bike Club on a tour. Broke three spokes coming down from Crater Lake. Careful. Bent rear cage as well. Called up Gus who asked me to bring the bike right in. We did. He restrung the back wheel and straightened out the cage and had me back out on the road. I was looking to buy a new rear wheel but Gus made great timely repairs. Thanks Gus. Looking for a shop come here!

Sierra S.
Ashland, OR


So, I had yet another escapade of nearly falling off into traffic because my bike pedal (once again, the whole arm, not just the pedal) was falling off. The same one.

Ashland Electric Bikes would have been my first place to go, but they are closed on Mondays. Very inconvenient (what is it about Ashland stores closing on Mondays..? It's really stupid) but it was okay, because I knew of Piccadilly. Looked it up (on Yelp of course) and saw it was open! Went inside and told the guy and he came out and took a look and saw how much it was coming off, and wheeled it in for me. While he was fixing it up, I told him that this happened before. And he said that a bracket might need to be adjusted, or else it would probably keep happening. He also asked about the bike, when I had gotten it and such, and I said it was probably close to a year old but was never used until I got it in January this year. Then he said that the problem was probably that the bike itself wasn't put together properly from day one. Me and my partner (who was with me there) both agreed, because there are a bunch of wobbly parts on that bike (which really make it unsafe) ...

Anyway, he said he could do the adjustment for just a $5 labor fee. Took him about 5 minutes to do, and so far, so good! After he did the tightening but before the adjustment, I noticed the pedal still had a slight wobble, like it would start to come off again soon. But after he adjusted the bracket, it felt tight! No wobble at all. I'm pretty confident it won't come off again. But if it does, I'll definitely take it back to have them fix it! (That is if it's within a certain time. They did give me one of those big receipt papers like they do when you take your car in somewhere) So if something goes wrong with it, I'll see if they'll fix it for free. Definitely will recommend this place to anybody looking to get their bike (electric or not) repaired, or are looking to buy!

Christopher M.
Ashland, OR


A relaxed and cool place with lots of selection. And the staff was great! They answered all my questions in plain English. They did not inquire on my latest Tour de France times. But they did let me ride a bunch of bikes and guided me on the correct accessories. A very good experience.  And the support afterward has been excellent as well. 

I'm very happy with my purchase and highly recommend the store.

Alex R.


Awesome bike repair, and awesome customer service. I definitely recommend going to them for their dependable service

Barbara B.
Kenmore, WA


Piccadilly Bikes is a breath of fresh air! My husband and I thought we knew what we wanted but after attentively listening to our wants & needs and seeing that I am 5' tall, Blaine made other suggestions that fit us much better (literally and figuratively). We spent much time with Blaine shopping, test riding, and picking up our bikes. He was always friendly, knowledgeable and patient with us and other customers who came into the shop. The shop is stocked with many styles of bikes but is still light and airy. We are incredibly happy with our bikes - and our experience with Piccadilly Bikes!

Bob M.
Monterey, CA


Great place to buy a bike! Super knowledgeable and patient staff, great vibe, reasonable prices!

Eric B.
Pleasant Hill, CA


Piccadilly Cycles is located in the Railroad District space formally occupied by Davis & Cline, whose owners recently retired. The neighborhood bike path is also located behind the store.

It was a bit interesting to walk inside a bike retail space that formally displayed high end glass pieces. The owners have done a nice job re-configuring the property to include sales of traditional and electric bikes and the associated accessories. Service, financing, and delivery options are all available. I liked what I saw, but knowing that Gayle looks dimly at me trying to make significant purchases that avoid California sales tax. :)

Michael R.
Ashland, OR


Just purchased a brand spanking new bike from this AMAZING shop! I don't know a lot about bikes so sometimes I get a bit intimidated at bike shops but Gus was super helpful and helped me find exactly what I wanted without trying to sell me the most expensive bike in the shop (in fact, he suggested their cheapest model based on what I told him I wanted!) 

He let me take it for a spin before buying which was very helpful and nice and then adjusted the handlebars and seat for me and made sure the tires had enough air in them. Would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking to buy a nice, reliable and economical ride (of course they definitely seem to have a wide selection of much fancier bikes if you're a seasoned biker.)  

Thanks, Gus, for all you're help! I'll definitely be back in a few weeks to have you give it a once over.

Suzanna G.
Petaluma, CA


My husband and I came in here with some questions about a cargo bike for getting around with our kids. Not only were the owners super friendly and helpful, but one of them actually got out a stash of toys and played on the floor with our toddlers while the other talked through the various options with us. This was by far the nicest experience I've had in a bike store (and having lived in Portland, OR I've been to a lot of bike stores). I was also really impressed with how knowledgeable the guys were about all the different set-ups for carrying kids on bikes. Thumbs way, way up.

Robert B.
Ashland, OR


Visit the shop and you'll see why I've given it 5 stars. My wife and I just purchased two e-bikes from them (they're really cool, btw). Not only is the shop first rate, but the owners couldn't be more helpful and knowledgeable. It seemed as though every person who came in while we were there had their problems totally solved before they left. We went in based on recommendations from our friends and I understand why they all loved the place, too.

Daniel G.
Ashland, OR


In my opinion the best bike shop in Ashland.  Gus is the man! Kind and more than helpful - I walked out a happy guy with a fixed up bike. The price was fair and I will definitely be checking in regularly. Thanks Piccadilly!

Bianca P.
University Heights
San Diego, CA


Great bike shop and the owners are friendly and knowledgeable. Gus spent extra time showing us some routes on the map. I needed an adjustment made and it was done immediately. They have some nice accessories.

John W.
Ashland, OR


These guys take equally good care of my mountain bikes and my wife's road bike, and someday soon I hope to buy my first electric bike from them. Piccadilly has carved out a unique niche in Ashland's railroad district by providing a full range of electric and human-powered bikes, plus super knowledgeable, friendly service. When you look at the bikes they carry, you get the sense that the employees actually ride these bikes in their own lives too, and that they don't just carry a brand because it's well-known. They've got comfy cruisers, Jamis mountain & road bikes, and the latest innovations in electric bikes.