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Real advice from real people

Piccadilly Cycles is a full service bicycle shop dedicated to encouraging and empowering anyone and everyone to take delight in cycling. We work with riders of all ages and fitness levels to reduce or eliminate barriers to riding a bike, for the sake of our individual and community health.

Tory Peil

Tory grew up here in Ashland where she spent her childhood riding beater bikes in the backyard with her bother. After a career as a professional ballet dancer she found herself living back in Ashland and working with Piccadilly Cycles. In the last four years with Piccadilly she has learned a lot about bikes and became co-owner of the company. The biggest lesson she’s learned? Bikes should be fun. She strives to deliver a low stress, informative and safe test riding experience while she helps you find the right bike for you. Her tag line? There is no such thing as a, dumb question. She looks forward to working with you, your lifestyle, your goals and your joy to find your next bike.

Brendon Potts

Brendon Potts has been has been hooked on bikes ever since his dad brought home a little green BMX bike when he was five years old. Many years later you can now find him as head of the service department and co-owner of Piccadilly Cycles. His superpower is being able to explain what is going on with your bike in language that even the most inexperienced rider can understand, not to mention his incredible expertise as our lead bike mechanic. When he's not at the bench you can find him riding insanely long rides through the gorgeous places this world has to offer. Have a gravel adventure question? He’s your guy.

Gus Janeway

As a teenager, Gus emptied his bank account to buy his first real bike - a shiny, Italian, friction-shifting steel machine he rode all through the streets of Boston and back roads of New England. He’s been in love with cycling ever since. When Piccadilly Cycles launched in early 2014, Gus dedicated himself to encouraging and inspiring riders of all kinds to share that joy. If he’s not on his bike, it makes him happy to help you have fun riding and to hear your tales of adventure, whether it be to the market with the kids or an epic all-day battle with wind, hills, and weather.