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Ready for an ebike upgrade? Your old ebike is worth $500 towards a new one at Piccadilly Cycles 

From day one, Piccadilly Cycles has been all about helping you have fun on a bike. We believe communities thrive when people walk and bike, and we have worked hard over the years to support all of you in your efforts to be healthy, active, and environmentally responsible.

We want to support the community even further, by making it easier than ever to keep riding an electric bike for the next ten years and beyond. We are now offering generous trade-in incentives of $500 and up for older electric bikes, functioning or not.

Here’s why: for some of you, your enthusiasm about electric bikes came early, when choices were limited, online options beckoned with big promises, or ebike technology simply hadn’t yet developed to fully meet your needs. For others, your first choice in an electric bike was based on a plan for occasional use; in time this blossomed into a need for a real, dependable bike for everyday enjoyment.

Also, if you bought your electric bike more than two years ago, chances are you didn’t have an opportunity to take advantage of the City of Ashland’s generous $300-600 rebate program. Today’s new bike purchase allows you to combine generous trade-in terms with the city’s rebate program to create some significant savings!

That isn’t all. A large part of our responsibility to the community lies in respecting our planet. When broken or otherwise unused electric bikes sit around, that’s keeping scarce resources like lithium, nickel, manganese and cobalt from being re-used and recycled into new batteries. Current technology is already proven to deliver Li-ion batteries with life spans of at least a decade or more. To us, compared to a short-lived, cheaply-built battery, this feels like a wise investment both in your bike and in our planet.

We are partnering with Call2Recycle and Interstate Battery to ensure that all the batteries from old electric bikes accepted as trade-ins are properly recycled. We will also properly recycle the electronics and metals from trade-in bikes. In some cases we may be able to repair your old bike and get it back on the road for another rider, for an economic and environmental win-win.

Piccadilly Cycles is committed to supporting all riders. Our trade-in program is designed to help you get back to riding more, enjoying life more, and contributing to a healthier community and planet.

Your bike’s minimum trade-in value is $500. Simply contact us and we’ll get you started turning it into a brand new ride!

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