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Customer Reviews

We’re fortunate to have a community of customers - kind of a family - who aren’t quiet about how they feel about us. We give them room to share their experiences here.

“I don’t think you can have an unpleasant experience at Piccadilly.” 

I don’t think you can have an unpleasant experience at Piccadilly. They’ll treat you with a familial kindness, and do their level best to accommodate your needs. Running a business is challenging right now. Supply chains are under tremendous strain. Gus and the crew provide a human connection that is so often overlooked in a transactional experience. This is what sets them apart from the rest.

— Ryland B.


“We rely on Piccadilly for advice and repairs.”   
Three generations of my family are daily bike commuters and we buy our bikes from Gus and Blaine. We rely on Piccadilly for advice and repairs on a weekly basis. Piccadilly is a true small-town shop, and one that I would recommend to anyone. 

— Sean M.



“I appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable service.”   
Our experience … at Piccadilly Cycles was superior! They were patient and accommodating with us as potential e-bike customers. We're thankful for the expertise, diligence and kindness we experienced at Piccadilly Cycles. I appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable service at Piccadilly. My mountain bike is riding great!

— Roberta F.


“Gus helped me find exactly what I wanted.” 

Just purchased a brand spanking new bike from this AMAZING shop! I don't know a lot about bikes so sometimes I get a bit intimidated…but Gus helped me find exactly what I wanted without trying to sell me the most expensive bike in the shop.

— Michael R.


“…staff was especially great during the Covid-19 times.”   
Really appreciated the focused attention in helping me choose the right bike for my individual needs. Being able to make an appointment to meet with the knowledgeable staff was especially great during the Covid-19 times. We really love supporting a local business with the added ability to stop by with any questions that may pop up. It was a great buying experience; much better than shopping online. Thanks, Piccadilly! 

— Heidi P.



“What a fantastic local resource!”   
The folks at Piccadilly Cycles are friendly and super competent. What a fantastic local resource!

— Anton B.

“They make you feel like family.”   
Piccadilly staff are always helpful, super patient and very knowledgeable. They make you feel like family.

— Bonnie M.

“I love the attention to details.”   
I love the attention to details that Gus and his team brought to helping me find the perfect electric bike for my needs. .... fast forward 8 months .. the team also provides great service and gives me comfort my bike is in good health (keeping me in good health!)

— Cornellius M.

“I am very please with the friendly folks at Piccadilly.”   
I am an active bike rider using my machine for trips into town, shopping friends, etc. My 'new' bike is now eight years old and was slowly getting tired too. I scheduled a same day service , picking it up the next morning (those same three miles walking take way longer...) My bike shifted with alacrity, the brakes were prompt but not grabby and the drive train took off as fast as I could manage (a pedal bike after all...) I will continue to do my own road maintenance but I am very pleased with the service, results and and friendly folks at Piccadilly.

— Jay T.

“...courteous, quick, and thoughtful.”   
Are you kidding? Gus and his crew are absolutely the BEST! Other businesses could learn a lot from them. They have for years been courteous, quick, and thoughtful. They understand the concepts of safety first, excellent technical capacity and transparent pricing.

— John S.

“It's great to go into a bike store and be met with kindness.”   
I had several questions that were answered with more info than I could retain and never once felt like Piccadilly was trying to sell me on anything. Piccadilly folks are great! Super friendly and helpful. It's great to go into a bike store and be met with kindness.

— Chad D.

“Fantastic experience.”   
Fantastic experience and I love my new bike. Though I haven't ridden since I was a teenager, I was made to feel very comfortable with lots of encouragement. Thank you, Piccadilly!!

— Richenda F.

“I highly recommend visiting!”   
Piccadilly is a beautiful store with a lot of selection and very experienced, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, open-hearted, kind and caring staff who give excellent customer service. I highly recommend visiting!

— Silver H.

“…not gear heads with attitude.”   
It's refreshing to go into a bike shop and have friendly service, not gear-heads with attitude.

— Silver H.

“What a bunch of friendly people.”   
Love Piccadilly Cycles. What a bunch of friendly people who really know their bikes and who provide top-of-the-line customer service. We were happy to find a small local Ashland, OR business where we could purchase our ebikes and feel confident that we will be well cared for whenever we may need them serviced.

— Luanne H.

“These guys know their stuff.”   
Even though they were very busy and getting ready to close, Piccadilly helped me right away and fixed the problem. These guys know their stuff. Highly recommend them!

— Jenny B.

“Friendly, helpful and honest.”   
Piccadilly has the best service! Friendly, helpful and honest. I'll be heading there anytime my family needs repair or a new bike!

— Melania B.

“Friendly people with a great sense of humor.”   
Quick turnaround time for full bike maintenance and tire exchange. I purchased my bike here few years ago and the service has always been great. Friendly people with a great sense of humor.

— Linda H.

“Most definitely a customer for life.”   
I am SO happy I found Piccadilly. All the things that the other reviews have said are 100% spot on. They are incredibly patient and spend time educating me on how to best take care of my bike - and are super quick with repairs. I am most definitely a customer for life.

— Peter S.

“Customer for life acquired: yes.”   
I came in at closing time because my bike wasn’t shifting. Gus spent an extra half an hour at fixing the problem. Cost: $0. Customer for life acquired: yes.

— Jed B.

“Excellent and kind service.”   
Clean, delightful shop. Reasonably priced, excellent and kind service.

— Petra B.

“You won’t be disappointed!”   
I bought a Breezer, which I absolutely love! I ride to work every day and have absolutely no complaints. It is everything I expected and more. I cannot speak highly enough about the excellent service and friendly staff that is at Piccadilly. If you are looking for a bike, accessories, or great service, go to Piccadilly. You won’t be disappointed!

— Andi C.

“Great team! Great bikes!”   
Great team! Great bikes! Picadilly's knowledgeable, friendly, nonjudgmental staff helped get me into a new bike I couldn't be happier with. Thank you!

— Chris J.

“They take immense pride in their work and stand by their product.”   
Gus and Brendon are wonderful proponents (true cycle engineers) of getting everything performing at maximum efficiency. They take immense pride in their work and stand by their product. If something is not perfect, they want it back immediately and will employ whatever resources are necessary to make it work flawlessly. They are immediately responsive to all concerns. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from them and Piccadilly.

— Brian G.

“Fantastically friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable staff.”   
Fantastically friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable staff. Excellent service. Covid-safe. Great location. My favorite bike shop.

— Aaron G.

“This is a great bike shop!”   
This is a great bike shop! I broke my derailleur and had a race the next day, but luckily Gus helped me out and actually took one off of his floor bikes.

— Max F.

“Having appointments is a nice way to have a focused conversation.”   
Nice folks and clean shop with beautiful bikes. Gus is knowledgeable and patient and gives you time to explore options and test-ride the bikes to select the best one for you. Service is detailed as well with good communication to the customer. Having appointments is a nice way to have a focused conversation with sales or service. Highly recommend. I love my new Gazelle T9! Thanks Piccadilly!

— Martin T.

“Great vibe.”   
Great place to buy a bike! Super knowledgeable and patient staff, great vibe, reasonable prices!

— Bob M.

“They answered all my questions in plain English.”   
A relaxed and cool place with lots of selection. And the Piccadilly staff were great! They answered all my questions in plain English.

— Christopher M.

“Definitely will recommend Piccadilly.”   
Definitely will recommend Piccadilly to anybody looking to get their bike (electric or not) repaired, or are looking to buy!

— Sierra.

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