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Piccadilly Cycles provides complete sales and service of traditional and electric assist bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. We are an authorized dealer for Jamis, Breezer and Currie Tech Electric Bikes.

Bike Accessories

At Piccadilly Cycles we can help you find just the right ways to customize your bike for your particular needs, so you are prepared to ride farther, more often, and do more with your bike. To make it easier for you, we’ve divided up our accessories into six main categories: Comfort, Safety, Security, Convenience, Essentials, and Car Racks.

Bike Accessories

Comfort Safety Security Convenience Essentials Car Racks


Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest differences. Does it matter how your bike bell sounds? Of course! How about ergonomic grips for your handlebars? If you can ride all day without sore wrists , that’s worth it. What about a sturdy, practical lock? Essential! Lights that let you see where you’re going and be seen by drivers? Definitely. And don’t forget your helmet, of course.

There are an enormous number of bicycle accessories out there, but deciding which ones you need is as simple as figuring out what you plan to use the bike for. At Piccadilly Cycles we can help you find just the right ways to customize your bike for your particular needs, so you are prepared to ride farther, more often, and do more with your bike.

To make it easier for you, we’ve divided up our accessories into six main categories: Comfort, Safety, Security, Convenience, Essentials, and Car Racks.


We believe comfort is absolutely paramount when it comes to you and your bicycle. A comfortable bike gets ridden, and we assume that if you have a bike you want to ride it as much as possible. To begin with, we’ll work with you to find a riding position that relieves stress on your back, shoulders, neck, hips and knees. Then, we’ll start working on the touch points: the saddle, the grips, the pedals and even the clothing. All of these areas need to do their job to provide support and long-range comfort for your ride.
For any bike rider, comfort means a good saddle. We stock saddles from Ergon, Selle Royal, and Brooks to accommodate a range of fit and comfort solutions, and we’re happy to let you try out any saddle in the shop for a test ride. Ergon also makes the best grips, which is why we have a full selection to keep your hands and wrists happy.
For those of you who spend a little more time in the saddle, whether it be for the daily commute, a weekend mountain bike outing or a long road ride, we carry cycling wear from Endura. Endura’s line of cycling shorts ranges from lightly padded commuter-style to mountain biking shorts on up to pro-level bib shorts. A decent pair of bike shorts offers important friction-reduction and additional padding to keep your whole body more comfortable, for longer, on any bike ride.

If you have a bike, you need a bike lock. It’s as simple as that. It’s your bike and you want to keep it that way. We like locks that are strong, secure, and convenient to use, so we carry a full line of security devices from the German company Abus, including their U-locks, Bordo steel locks (even some with built-in alarms), and a range of cable and flexible steel locks. We also carry the innovative, light weight Ottolock, and offer an additional layer of bike security through the use of the Sherlock gps tracking device. More on bike security…

Bicycle Safety

Ok, we are actually more concerned with your safety than that of the bicycle, as much affection as we may feel towards our two-wheeled friends. With you in mind, however, we are talking about all the safety essentials - like a correctly fitted helmet that’s comfortable enough for you to want to wear it on every ride. Of course, it’s important to see where you are going and be seen clearly by others, too, so we carry the best lights from Light and Motion, high-visibility clothing from Endura, and a range of rear-view mirrors for your handlebar, helmet, or glasses. And don’t forget about a bike bell - the single most effective, and certainly the friendliest, way to let pedestrians and other cyclists know you’re there.

Convenience & Utility

Bikes are not only great for getting you around, they’re a great way to carry the stuff you need from place to place. The more you love your bicycle, the more you want to use it for…everything! Here’s where a rack, panniers (you can call them bags) or baskets come in handy if your bike becomes your daily commuter or your grocery-getter. Start with professional installation of a lightweight, sturdy rack (if your bike doesn’t already have one). Next, choose from our top-notch selection of panniers designed to fit a range of budgets and needs, whether you’re heading out on business or off to the beach. Let us help you fit the panniers to your bike rack, show you how to easily attach and remove them, and voila! You are ready for…everything!

Sometimes you even want to carry your most precious cargo around on our bikes. While a specially-designed family/cargo bike may be the ideal solution for bringing the kids along, there are also easy ways to turn your current bike into the family wagon: child seats and trailers. Yepp and Topeak child seats are compatible with most bikes (we can help you figure this out) as are the exceptional line of trailers from our friends right here in Oregon at Burley.

Bike Essentials

We sweat the details - the little stuff that turns out to really matter. We’re talking about things like a place to carry your water bottle or coffee thermos and a handy bag for your basic repair kit with room for a spare tube, patch kit, multi-tool and pump or CO2 cartridge. Some folks really like a phone holder, so we’ve tried out a bunch of different ones and are firmly convinced by the simple, low-profile and extremely secure Quadlock system. And don’t forget one of the most low-tech essential accessories of all, the humble rain fender. A simple set of fenders adds minimal weight and keeps you and your clothes dryer and cleaner, ride after ride.

Car Racks

We understand that you love your bikes so much you want to bring them along with you, whether for a day trip to ride some unexplored territory, or further afield. Even if you've got a pickup truck or SUV, packing in a couple of bikes can be a real wrestling match. We have done - and continue to do - the research on the best ways to carry your bikes on your car, and can help you navigate the process of deciding which rack is best for you.
We work with a number of rack manufacturers, including Thule, Kuat, and Saris, so we can be sure to find the best fit for you, your car, and your bikes. For more on our rack options, read on…

Overwhelmed by accessories? We can help - we're happy to answer your questions.