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525 A Street
Ashland, OR 97520

(541) 482-9500

Piccadilly Cycles provides complete sales and service of traditional and electric assist bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. We are an authorized dealer for Jamis, Breezer and Currie Tech Electric Bikes.

Electric Bike Rental

Piccadilly Cycles rents bosch-powered German Kalkhoff electric bikes for one day and multi-day rentals.

Rental bikes are here! We just received our first beautiful Bosch-powered Gazelle Medeo T9 HMBs, straight from the flatlands of Holland but more than ready to tackle the steep hills of the Rogue Valley. Now that spring is here, consider planning an adventure on two wheels with these exceptional bikes.

Electric Bike Rental

We offer an unparalleled electric bike rental experience by providing you with Dutch-made Gazelle bikes, complete with near-silent, smooth, powerful Bosch electric drive systems with enough range to explore up to 75 miles on a single charge. Low-step frame allows easy on/off access and intuitive electric-assist takes only a minute to learn.

Rental Rates:
(Same day and 24 hour rental fees can be applied to an electric bike purchase within 30 days of rental date)

Same day return: $60
24 hours: $100
2 days: $180
3 days: $240

Please inquire about seasonally available longer-term rentals

Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB

Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB